Friday, March 29, 2013

Dreamin' of Good Junk

 We dream of "good junk".
 Our passion is treasure hunting for all kinds of weathered and worn, well- loved and cherished treasures with a gentle past.

From Country decor to the Shabby Chic look and Primitive or just well-made second hand furniture to Vintage and Mid Century Modern we hope you can find a well loved treasure to suit your needs.

In the very near future we hope to open our dream shop

Mel-Roy has been working like crazy to get our building finished so you can shop to your hearts content for some nifty, thrifty, vintage, Retro, Mid Century Modern, Country & Primitive treasures.

               Here is some of the rusty, crusty, chippy, goodness we have been blessed with lately and some gently used second hand pieces of furniture.
Retro School Desk
Mid Century/Retro, metal, wood, school chair
Rusty vintage lantern
Vintage, chippy blow mold Santa
Vintage ladder and other auction junk

Vintage storage cabinet
Rusty, chippy cool yellow vintage stool/chair

 See ya soon

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Building a Junkin' Future

No junkin for a solid year. How sad is that?

The good news is....................
We have started to do some disorderly treasure huntin'.
First we decided to attend a storage unit auction where three units went up for bids.
It was a cold, snowy day but several people showed up and those units went for good money.
We only bid on one, but didnt win, that baby went for a little over $500.

Next we decided to travel out of the county to attend some auctions. We came home empty handed again.
Then last weekend we visited another auction house and came home with a truck load of treasures.

But the best news is  this............

                                     Soon we will have a place to resell all our good junk!!