Monday, September 16, 2013

Thinking "INSIDE" the box..........

That table I have been sanding on all summer is still a work in progress. 
I did learn the wood is walnut, and I initially planned to sell the table, 
but since I sold my vintage enamel top dinette set, 
I reckon I am gonna have to get the project table finished and keep it a while.

In other news I have finally moved from the teeny-tiny porch booth to an inside booth at the mini mall.
I have lots of tweaking to do, but the booth space has good potential. 
 By far the most difficult part of this summer was saying goodbye to my dear sweet mommy.
We lost her on September 7 from complications of COPD.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sanding away

Here's my latest project.
I helped out at the Mini Mall and the lady gave me this table.
It's a drop leaf, heavy, and right now, pretty dang U.G.L.Y.

So, everyday after I come home from the teeny-tiny shop, I sand
on this table. Someday I will get it finished.

I had totally forgotten I even had this antique dog wall hanger/candle holder.
I used to help house clean for an elderly lady several years ago. When she passed away, my aunt inherited her estate. This came from the attic so I know it is pretty old. I painted it black.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Turn of Events..................

Turns out that nice building we had for a shop is now completely empty.
Some of our junk finds we sold at the local flea market, but most we
sold at our yard sale.

 Let me tell ya, I cringed every time we sold a good piece of
fantastic junk at yard sale prices!!

The family has decided to put the property up for sale.
So, now I am on to a new place to sell my cool junky/vintage/retro stuff.
Oh well, the new place is much closer to home, and even within walking distance,
but is much, much, much smaller.

And where is it I am going this time?
                                                        The Mini-Mall on East Water Street
Mr. Junkin' Disorderly will have his Leather Shop inside the far end of the mall, and me, well, I guess I get to set up out on the porch...

I did hide away some of the best junk so the dealers who came to our yard sale
couldn't get all my 'good junk" for dirt cheap...

Like the cool wooden ladder that I plan to paint red.
                     And this old window, (Anyone know how to get the black paint off the glass?)
and this retro, wooden, metal school chair
and the retro desk the chair is perched on.
I squirreled away some other nifty stuff too.
Such as this dang cool vintage 1964 Coleman Camp Stove!!
In a few days,  when I get my teeny-tiny little spot set up
I will post more pics.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fillin up fast

Well, the shop is starting to fill up with some cool vintage stuff plus some
well made secondhand furniture. Here is how things look so far.
This here is our Christmas Corner. Lots of lights in those totes. Snowman with blue hat is SOLD.

Imma lovin that old ladder, but the boss won't let me have it.

Cool rusty, crusty, chippy vintage scales

Yellow and Geen Bowl is vintage Pyrex

Yankee Clipper Sled!! $30.00

Some cool old bottles, they do need a good bath

 Me and oldest child could not find a job so Lee-Roy built us our own place to work!!

Rock  from the 80's.

Some more 80's rock music

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dreamin' of Good Junk

 We dream of "good junk".
 Our passion is treasure hunting for all kinds of weathered and worn, well- loved and cherished treasures with a gentle past.

From Country decor to the Shabby Chic look and Primitive or just well-made second hand furniture to Vintage and Mid Century Modern we hope you can find a well loved treasure to suit your needs.

In the very near future we hope to open our dream shop

Mel-Roy has been working like crazy to get our building finished so you can shop to your hearts content for some nifty, thrifty, vintage, Retro, Mid Century Modern, Country & Primitive treasures.

               Here is some of the rusty, crusty, chippy, goodness we have been blessed with lately and some gently used second hand pieces of furniture.
Retro School Desk
Mid Century/Retro, metal, wood, school chair
Rusty vintage lantern
Vintage, chippy blow mold Santa
Vintage ladder and other auction junk

Vintage storage cabinet
Rusty, chippy cool yellow vintage stool/chair

 See ya soon

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Building a Junkin' Future

No junkin for a solid year. How sad is that?

The good news is....................
We have started to do some disorderly treasure huntin'.
First we decided to attend a storage unit auction where three units went up for bids.
It was a cold, snowy day but several people showed up and those units went for good money.
We only bid on one, but didnt win, that baby went for a little over $500.

Next we decided to travel out of the county to attend some auctions. We came home empty handed again.
Then last weekend we visited another auction house and came home with a truck load of treasures.

But the best news is  this............

                                     Soon we will have a place to resell all our good junk!!