Saturday, March 10, 2012

bustin' a junkless spell

Here in my neck of the woods
it's been pretty slim pickin's for
some good junk.

I reckon my lack of finding any good treasures could be directly related to
the fact that I spend huge chunks, a few hours each day, perusing
some fabulous blogs about others who love junkin and my new find, a proboards site
where those of us who are obsessed , have a great love for all things The Waltons.

A few weeks ago I went junkin or thrifting or secondhand shoppin' with
my sisters, and can you believe I came home empty handed!!

Well, actually I did bring home a couple goodies. My sister April was wearing a pretty silver chain, and I said, hey I like that chain, and she said, "here you want it.
And my oldest sister Lisa had an extra pair of sunglasses she gave me, so I did score me two nice things.
My middle sister Claudia bought me a yummy lunch at Frishe's, all in all we had a fantastic fun time!!

Recently I discovered a new place to treasure hunt, and it's just a hop, skip and a jump from my house, good thing, since my jalopy car is not very safe to drive these days.
Any how, the new treasure hunting ground could prove to be rather fertile. We shall see.
I have already spied a couple things I just might have to have, one is a large metal two drawer filing box, and the other is a metal index card box, it's bigger than the 3x5 size. They both would be cool to paint and use as some kind of storage.