Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Big Fat F...................

I reckon I will get a big fat F in blogging 101 this year.

You would think a journalist would never run out of things to say
but we do. Or at least I do.

Since I have been MIA for a good long time I guess I need to update some.
Yard sale action for me as been few and far between, so I have lived vicariously
through blogs written by those who share my passion for thrifting.

I have been reading and reading and reading and reading lots of amazing blogs and
learning lots of great info too.

I have added some of those blogs over to the right and you can click on them to see why I have had so much fun reading about the thrifting life of so many others like me.
And when I am not sidetracked by blog hopping, I will add to the list.