Thursday, December 29, 2016

Will I find my junkin' Spirit this year?

Poor little neglected blog.
I haven't completely given up on being a junk dealer despite the fact that the last three or four attempts to have a shop or a booth just didn't pan out for me.
Junkin' is still in my blood and it seems that every year around this time, my mind starts conjuring up ideas to revive my treasure huntin' spirit!

Did I end up with any wonderful vintage or cool treasures in the last year?
Not much to share but I did find a vintage Playschool Lincoln Logs set, a couple of salt shakers, a tiny perfume bottle, a few vintage valentines, some zinc lids and some flatware, and a two awesome cool metal recipe boxes.

So, my big plans for the new year include getting out and digging for lots of good junk  and to maybe, just maybe find a booth to rent or possibly set up at one of the local flea markets that a few of our small towns are trying to revive. Weee sounds like a whole lot of fun to me!!!!

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