Thursday, June 2, 2011

Be Still My Heart

Danetta and I decided to take a road trip to check out some antique shops and flea markets.
We stopped by Humphries Antiques in Poplar Plains first then headed to Farmers to have a look see at the School House Antiques.
I love vintage stuff, and the antiques at Humphries are lovely,
but I didn't find anything on this trip to fall head over heels for, except for a little bug in the photo below and the wonderful country cottage style house!

those dreams I said I had to remember, well this is one of them
be still my heart.........
i spied this baby parked at the side of todd johnsons garage, and just about caused a wreck when i hollered oh my gosh and danetta said you wanna get a picture, and i said naw, ......then quickly yelled oh hell yes!
now i feel bad cause in all my giddy excitement, i forgot to pet the doggie that wandered in as i snapped the photo.

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