Friday, June 3, 2011

400 Mile Yard Sale

Spent Friday at the 400 mile yard sales.
We started in Mason County and hit US 68 through
Nicholas, Robertson, Bourbon and Fayette Counties. Stopped at a ton of sales.
Good grief, I am out of practice, just a few short years ago I would have come home with a car load of stuff.
Here is my haul for the day.
The Osterizer Blender was priced at five dollars, I got it for $3,
and the percolator was just 50 cents!
Vintage patterns-.50 each
Elmo Camera-.50
Vintage Apron-.50
Tea pot with strainer inside-2.00

In Old Washington in Mason County I spotted this fantastic Volkswagon. I want it!

This is my friend Danetta, she is checking out the good junk at a sale down on US 68

The Junk Mans place, lots of junk for sure,
but I was disappointed in the junk man,
he didnt seem to love his junk,
there was some really good vintage stuff
but it has been left out in the weather for years
there was some really rusty, crusty stuff inside the outbuildings. No score here


Dude ! said...

Of all that stuff you have in the picture, I think the children dress patterns might do the best-if you sell them in a lot....

Kym said...

Thanks Dude,
Soon as I get past procrastinating I will list them in lots....LOL

Deana said...

We did that one year. Only a few were "real" garage sales, the rest seemed to be dealers & priced like we were in the museum gift shop.
We did have a good time. I was sore for days afterward from climbing steep driveways etc. Enjoyed the post, now following with GFC.

mr.phx said...

If you are in the market for a V-BUG or beetle, you should come out to AZ cause ours are a lot less rusted. Their are at least 10 vw repair/stores here in PHX. Happy Hunting!

Kym said...

Hi mr.phx,
Sounds like a good idea to me!!
I hear AZ is the best place to live if you suffer from sinus problems too.
I only see a few VW's around here
that are still in non-rusted shape.

Hi Deana,
This year it seemed to me too that all the good stuff was priced really high.
I say if you want antique prices sell someplace other than a yard sale. But that's just me. At yard sales I am looking for 50 cent and dollars prices...LOL