Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where am I?

While blog hoppin I found this neat little sign and stole borrowed
it because it says just how I am feeling these days!

I followed my bliss, my heart and my passion but I still don't know where I am going just yet.
But, I do have an idea of where I want to be.........Junk Queen Street!! Hmm, is that just down the road from Sesame Street?

I actually have a pretty good start on the junk in my trunk, or under my sofa I should say.
Prime example of a true junkaholic? well here ya go......

What to do with this? Ebay? Hell's fire it would cost a fortune to ship or should I Craigs List this thang.Hey it's a hot collectible and can fetch like 200 bucks, really!!
The Commodore 128 hit the stands in 1985 and folks who love their vintage techy stuff have been grabbin up these babies.

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