Monday, May 16, 2011

Movin' & Tradin'

Sometimes I help my friends clean out or move their stuff.
In return I get to take home
some good junk like this wing back chair!!
Well, actually I took home two of these babies.

Some day I plan to get my chairs upholstered in a small stripe or flower print.

Several years ago I helped a family member clean out an estate she inherited and let me tell ya, we sure had fun digging through years and years worth of vintage stuff.
Most of my take home goods have already been sold,
but I still have a few items left that I might list on Ebay.

I love these Ice Capade booklets. Especially the Disney graphics on the back!

And these sweet vintage cookie cutters still in the package are one of my favorites.


Danny said...

Kym, I like your blog and I like the pic that you used for it!!!lol

Kym said...

Hi Danny,
Thanks, I like the pic too. I had forgotten I even had it in my files.

Anonymous said...

love the chars. glad you could use them.

Kym said...

Danetta I greatly appreciate those wing backs